Sample Past Topics of Humanists at UUCPA

Effective and Ineffective Ways to Respond to the Recent Election Modern Addictions: the Effects and the Solutions Criminal Justice System What Can Humanists Do to Promote Spiritual Growth The Role of the Billionaires in Destroying our Country Multiculturalism: the Experience of a Multicultural Person What Donald Trump Tells us About Americans The Language and Politics of Racism Automation and Jobs Balancing Loss and Suffering with Hope and Joy Population Growth in Silicon Valley: Problems and Solutions Alternatives to the Medical Model for Treating the Elderly Public Good vs. Private Right: the Clash over Mandatory Childhood Immunizations Global Capitalism: Problems and Solutions Population Trends: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Impacts on Society of an Increasingly Freelance Economy Living with Intention: Overcoming Cynicism, Apathy and Despair Inequality of Income and Wealth The American Culture We Don't Recognize The Future of Unemployment and What We Can Do About It What Are the Best Answers to Energy Problem Effective Philanthropy